Autonomous systems

Autonomous vehicles play an important role in tomorrow’s mobility mix. Autonomous technologies pave the way for totally new mobility concepts – not just for the car of the future, but also self-driving aircraft or railways.

As well as new options for logistics, autonomous systems generate new ideas for personal transport. The current testing infrastructure permits new technologies to be efficiently trialled and developed in Styria.

Priorities and measures of ACstyria

  • 35 highly specialized companies in the network of the ACstyria
  • Know-how on road, rail, air and intralogistics
  • Key topics: Predicted maintenance, condition-based maintenance, as well as sensors / sensor technology and communication between vehicle and infrastructure
Autonomous systems have received an enormous boost in recent years due to improved sensor technology and software. Depending on the means of transport, different degrees of automation have become established. The requirements and differences in terms of complexity are sometimes enormous.

Die Autonomen Systeme im Überblick: Unsere Partnerunternehmen