Decarbonised value chain

The decarbonised value chain – also known as LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) in industry – is an integrated approach to sustainable mobility with minimal CO2 emissions. This is an issue which is gaining prominence amongst customers and OEMs, as well as politics, and considers the entire life cycle of a product, from the source of the raw materials and production of its individual components through to final recycling. 

It is predicted that suppliers who offer products with a lower CO2 footprint will enjoy a competitive advantage. For that reason, we take a holistic approach at ACstyria, considering sustainability across the entire product life cycle.

Priorities and measures of ACstyria:

  • A holistic approach to sustainable mobility
  • Consideration of the life cycle from the extraction of raw materials, through production to recycling
  • CO2 reduction as a competitive advantage
  • Main topics: Lightweight construction, additive manufacturing, life cycle assessment, CO2 balances and energy sources.
The European Green Deal as a driver for innovation