Mobility services

The mobility industry is undergoing a transformation. Progressive globalisation, growing populations, increased urbanisation plus climate change all call for new services in addition to the existing choice of transport models and offerings. Mobility services are needed to make transport systems fit for the future, providing needs-based mobility options encompassing all modes of transport. 

These new mobility services will not compete with existing mobility offerings, but instead represent a useful, consumer-oriented addition.

Main topics in the network of ACstyria:

  • Total mobility & Public transport
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Micromobility and intermodality
  • Disposition Systems, Car Sharing and Passenger Experience
The so-called modal split: Austria has a comparatively high proportion of rail users compared to the rest of Europe.

Die Mobilitäts-Services im Überblick: Unsere Partnerunternehmen