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Webinar | Railway Tunnels Health Monitoring and Maintenance

Webinar | Railway Tunnels Health Monitoring and Maintenance

A high percentage of existing tunnels is currently approaching or already exceeding the expected lifespan or functional critical aspects to be manages, and therefore require periodic and thorough inspections. Tunnel asset management becomes fundamental to guarantee the structure's safety and functionality. However, inspections could be problematic due to the danger and difficulty of operating on-site. New technologies and methodologies introduced in the speech, largely based on the use of mobile technologies and artificial intelligence, make it possible to create a digital representation of the infrastructure with reduced impact on traffic.

ETS s.r.l. presents ARCHITA, an innovative multidimensional system consisting of various detection devices: laser scanner, GPR, thermal imaging and high-resolution images mounted on a bimodal vehicle. Secondly, MIRET (Management and Identification of the Risk for Existing Tunnels) enables the digital transformation of asset management. The digital twin and the digital transformation of processes enable an optimised workflow for the assessment of risks, which can be efficiently assessed, identified and mitigated. This approach provides for modern security standards that maintain their integrity over time and the coexistence of environmental and social sustainability and technological growth.


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Mi, 13.12.2023 10:00
- Mi, 13.12.2023 11:30


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